Winter SheetsThe winter sheets that you choose must be of the right materials. They should be soft, warm and comfortable. In the winter months, we all tend to sleep longer, almost like a human hibernation. The snow is flying, the wind is howling and we burrow down into our sheets, seeking out the warmth of comfort of our beds. But if they are too hot, they get sweaty and may even disturb our sleep patterns.

Some of the best materials are cotton and flannel. Cotton is soft and absorbent and can be perfect for year round use. Cotton also washes very well and can be dyed virtually any color you can imagine. Flannel is a classic material and is also soft and very warm indeed. There are two groups of people in the flannel camp: the ones that love theirs and the ones who think they are way too hot to even consider.

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In addition to just plain cotton, there is tee shirt soft cotton as well. These are warm and soft and feel just like a well worn and favorite tee shirt. The more you wash these, the softer they get.

Other materials can be good as well as good for the environment. Bamboo, one of the most ecologically favored materials, is a green material that is soft and does not harm the environment during any stage of its creation. These are also easy to care for and very soft.

Your choice might depend on the climate you are living in and the type of blanket or blankets that you have on your bed. Individual sleep temperature needs are also important to consider when choosing yours. If you are one of those people who is always the first to start sweating and complaining about being overheated, the flannel and thicker cotton materials might not be a good choice for you.

They should be washed and thoroughly dried before they are put back on the bed. We tend to sweat under all of our blankets and our drier skin in the winter months may shed faster than it does in the summer time. That means there is more accumulated skin in our beds with us, so we should wash them more frequently. They must be completely dry before being put back on the bed because our piles of blankets might encourage mildew in a very short time. Because we spend so much time in our beds, our winter sheets are very important for our comfort and our well being.

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